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Degen Hippos for Crypto Degens

Hyppocritez is one of the original collections of generative art made specifically to be inscribed to the Ethereum blockchain through the Ethscriptions protocol.
A collection of
degen hyppos for Web3 people who hate to love Web3

Hypocritez 是首批通过 Ethscriptions 协议记入以太坊区块链的生成艺术收藏品之一。 这是一个复古河马系列,适合那些又爱又恨 Web3 的人。

Ethscribe your Hyppocritez

Join the degens inscribing collectables to the Ethereum blockchain!

Ethscriptions are added to the notes block of the TX. The TX is completely free. You only pay for gas.

Once validated they become a permanent part of the blockchain.

Hyppocritez living on Ethereum

There are



Number: 399


Season 1, Episode 1

Team Red

Hand: Dev

Mouth: Dev

Eyes: Blank

Shirt: Dev

Head: Dev

Skin: Pride

Background: IPFS


What are Ethscriptions?

Ethscriptions is a recently launched protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to create and share digital objects, primarily images. It's similar to the Ordinals project on the Bitcoin network, which enabled the incorporation of NFT-style images and non-financial data into the main chain's ledger. Ethscriptions, however, are inscribed into the Ethereum main chain.

The protocol has seen significant interest from the Ethereum community, with nearly 30,000 Ethscriptions created in less than 18 hours after its launch, and have now crossed the 500.000 mark.


Ethscriptions utilize Ethereum's transaction input data, making the process cheaper and more decentralized than using contract storage.

Why are they Awesome?

  • Decentralization: Ethscriptions are inscribed into the Ethereum main chain, which is a decentralized network. This means the art is not controlled by a single entity and is accessible to anyone on the network.

  • Cost-Effective: Ethscriptions use Ethereum's transaction input data, which is considered cheaper than using contract storage. This makes it a more cost-effective method for holders to mint and buy digital artwork.

  • Permanence: By inscribing the artwork directly into the Ethereum blockchain, it ensures that the art is permanently stored and cannot be altered or deleted.

  • Innovation and Experimentation: The Ethereum community has shown a great deal of interest and enthusiasm for innovation. This can potentially lead to more advancements and possibilities for artists and holders alike.


What the Hyppocritez Are:


Hyppocritez are one of the first collections made specifically for Ethscriptions:

Body Positive: Hyppocritez a full of life and full of shit.


Degens: We know it's a bear market, but we can't help ourselves... HONK!! HONK!!

Free-to-Mint: Hyppocritez are minted free-of-charge. All you pay for is gas, and very little of it at that.

Royalty-Free: Hyppocritez have ZERO ROYALTIES!

Hyppocritez are minted directly to the Ethereum blockchain and there they will remain to the end of time.

Gamified Metadata & Decentralized Community:
The Hyppocritez’ team brings this innovative collection to you free of cost and delivers these PFPs for the community to build on top of. Each Hyppocrite comes from mint with a team association (Blue and Red) so the community can think of ways creative to pitch them against one another.

What the Hyppocritez Are NOT:


Hyppocritez were created to be controlled by the community. Not by the founders.

No Official Discord, Spaces, and Chat Groups: The community will decide how the project will evolve by taking the initiative to organize around it. All the team offers is:

  • the artwork

  • the tech to mint them

  • the official Twitter account as the one trusted touch point.


All else we leave up to you to dream and create.

Not CC0:

While the community is free to self-organize around these PFPs, and each holder can use the art they own as they wish, the founders retain ownership over the Hyppocritez brand and how it can be commercially used in the future.


How will the mint work?

Inscribing your Hyppocrite is as easy as authorizing a TX from you to yourself!

Here is some info to help you with the process:

  • Launch the app: Click on the  Launch App  button above to start the minting dApp;

  • Connect your wallet: Connect your Metamask wallet and get ready to Ethscribe;

  • Choose your Hyppocrite: There are a total of 4200 Hyppocritez in Season 1 Episode 1, of which 10% (420) have been reserved to be distributed among the members of the founding team. That leaves 3,780 Hyppocritez to be minted, free of charge, by the degen community at large, on a first-come-first-served basis. No whitelists!
    Each page contains 100 Hyppocritez to choose from and will indicate which are available for inscription. Click on the image of the available Hyppocrite that interests you to open the claim panel;

  • Mint your Hyppocrite: Once you have found an available Hyppocrite that you like click on the inscribe button. The mint is 100% FREE! You only pay for gas, which you'll find to be up to 20x cheaper than minting regular NFTs. Once you authorize the transaction (from you to you), wait for Metamask to confirm its completion.

  • Verify your Hyppocrite: Go to the My Hyppos section to find your newly claimed Hyppocrite;

Remember to be safe!

The inscription process triggers a TX from you to you with ZERO eth of value. Be sure to check the value field in your Metamask confirmation window before authorizing the transaction.


The transaction will appear as if you are sending yourself 0 ETH. Anything else (Approval, SetApprovalForAll, ERC20 or NFT Transfer,Signature,etc)  or any cost besides gas is a red flag that you are not in our official app!

Selling Hyppocritez on the Secondary Market

As Hyppocritez become popular, you'll want to save a few for latecomer degens:

  • The native marketplace: You can sell your Ethscripton through the native marketplace at;

  • Transferring an Ethscription is possible: you can send another ZERO value transfer to the account you want to send it to and the input data to transfer the Ethscription is the original transaction hash for the transaction that created it;

  • Using traditional NFT marketplaces: There are wrappers available to turn your Ethscription into a NFT if you want to use NFT Marketplaces, we will be working with platforms to include the collection;

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